Best Vacations

Best Vacations are the ones that rejuvenate and energize us to get back to the normal lives. Yearly vacations are recommended so you can have different experiences and relax. Many vacation days are wasted due to lack of planning. USA has the top destinations in the world which worldwide travelers prefer. Travel can be planned with family or friends or teen children, or just the couple, or solo. With proper planning, your vacation can be the best!

Best Vacations with Family

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Vacations with family need the most planning as the time is limited and there are children involved. The entire vacation need to be planned out so the time is not wasted and also there is a buffer in case any minor situations occur. With small children, drive can be tiring and frequent stops must be planned. Best vacations with family leave a long lasting impression on the future generations.

Best Vacations for Family


Alaska is a popular vacation destination in the USA. The Kenai Fjords National Park, Mendenhall Glacier, and activities make Alaska a popular destination in the USA. If you plan your trip in summer, you can enjoy the Denali mountain hiking. If you plan a trip in snow season, you can ski and enjoy the outdoor activities.


Hawaii is the next best vacation spot in the US. The active volcanoes, beaches, cruises, and water activities offer promising vacations for families. Snorkeling, hiking, or bicycle touring are some of the ways to enjoy nature in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head are the two must visit sites for history insights.


The Magic Kingdom theme parks, the Universal Studio, the Kennedy Space Center, and the never ending beaches make Florida an attractive vacation destination. The warm weather and beautiful sites allure nature lovers. Key West, Miami, and Tampa offer water activities for all ages. Escape the rush by visiting the Manatee Springs or Dry Tortugas.


The Yellow Stone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park are the biggest attractions of Wyoming. If you like long car drives and oil rigs, Wyoming is the place. Active geysers, hot springs, bison, bears, and other wildlife provide a unique opportunity for travelers. Do camp out in a log cabin to experience the beauty of the mountains.

Best Vacations for Teens

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If you have a teen in your family, you need to plan the vacation according to their demands. Involving them in the planning phase itself is a good idea. Asking your teen to plan and research about the places to visit lets them explore and decide. Assigning responsibility for your teen keeps them involved and interested. Letting them venture out on their own or with friends allows them to explore the vacation.

Resorts and amusement parks are perfect places for teens as they can experiment the different activities and still be in the controlled area. Teens love international travel as they can experience the different culture, weather, and environment.


Teens need lot of physical exercise which burn their calories. During vacation and long journeys, activities must be planned so their physical exercise demands are met. Exposing the teens to natural beauty makes them creative in their future work. Working on a pencil sketch at the natural spots will help create a masterpiece by your teen.


Fancy restaurant meals may not be possible for all the vacation days. However, you can take your teen to one or two best local restaurants so they can experience the cuisines. Teens tend to consume a lot of food and they can be fed with high protein and fresh foods during the vacations. It is better to avoid junk foods as they may upset the teen diet.


Plan a new activity which you have never tried before and teens can challenge you in that as well. You can compete with your teen in a new skill that you both just learnt such as surfing or scuba diving. The new activities will increase the confidence of the teens to take up challenges in their work and accomplish the tasks.

Here are the best vacations for teens in the USA:

Best Vacations for Teens
  • Washington, D.C.: The Capitol, the Smithsonian museums, the memorials at the Mall, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, and other important buildings in the city are great for teens to explore and learn.
  • Chicago, IL: The architectural tours of Chicago are a must for your teens. The Willis Tower, the Magnificent Mile, the Navy Pier, and the Bean make Chicago the best vacation destination for teens. You can also experience the Michigan lake water activities and see theater shows while you tour the city.
  • Wisconsin Dells, WI: Known as the water park capital of the world, Wisconsin Dells has the most number of water parks. Teens do enjoy the rides in the theme parks which can be visited year round. Experience the duck tours and jet boat rides with your teens. Enjoy the museums and the thrilling haunted houses in the city.
  • Gatlinburg, TN: The Smokey mountains are great for hiking, horse riding, river rafting, zip lining, and other activities for the teens. The water falls and hiking trails make the mountains exciting and allow the teens to explore. Staying in the cabins in the mountains for camp out is a unique experience for the teenagers.

Couples need time off from their busy work, home management, kids schedules, and so on for a healthy relationship. Couples vacations are most productive as they allow to know the other person more and relax together. When you are in a long relationship, some tend to forget or appreciate little things about your partner. During the vacations, a couple can enjoy each other's company and start appreciating how better the other person really is.

Best Vacations for Couples

New York is a popular choice for couples due to the many attractions, historical centers, restaurants, and shopping.

South Dakota's beautiful log cabins in Custer State Park are an excellent choice for romantic getaways for couples.

California is the next choice for couples vacations. The Lake Tahoe resorts and Napa Valley tours are suggested for a relaxed outing.

Colorado has the Rocky mountain range and the Pikes Peak which offer a quite and thrilling experience for couples.

Vacations with friends can be most unplanned and adventurous. The outings can be planned so that you can cut down on some luxuries and plan for some adventures that everyone prefers. Friends tend to be less critical about the facilities as they are mostly looking for experiences.

Best Vacations for Friends:

  • Nevada: Las Vegas has the most extravagant resorts, casinos, or shows. You can drive to the nearest Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona state for exploring the nature.
  • New Mexico: Santa Fe has national monuments and national parks that you can explore on your best friends getaway.
  • Texas: Dallas, Austin, and Houston can be visited for unique cultural experience and rich cuisines.
  • Washington State: Seattle has the Space Needle and other attractions. Plan visiting the Rainier national park for its natural beauty and activities.

Best Vacations can be planned with a group or solo. However, you need to inform near and dear about your journey.

Best Vacations for Friends

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